24x7 Website Monitoring

Know about a problem before your customers do

We keep an eye on your website or URL and notify you as soon as we see a problem.

Website Monitoring by Vigil - List View


Whether you have one site or fifty, Vigil will keep track of each and display a concise summary of the current status.  The latest response code, response time, and download speed that Vigil observed is displayed.  And, historical data is available to compare these stats over the last hour,  last week, or last month.

Sites that are having a problem will automatically sort to the top of the list, so you'll see them immediately.

Website Monitoring by Vigil - Home View

Be notified when there is a problem

If Vigil detects a problem with your website, we'll let you know right away.  Vigil can send a push notification to your phone, an email, a text message, or even post a message to a Slack or HipChat channel.  If there is a different integration you would like to see, let us know!


View Your Data Anywhere

Check how your sites are doing from your iPhone, Apple Watch, a web browser, Android device, and even Alexa.

Website Monitoring by Vigil - Availalble Clients

frequent monitoring

Vigil checks your website or REST endpoint every minute so you know about a problem early.

Weekly Reports

Receive a weekly report with details on every issue we detected with your site, along with overall uptime information you can use to evaluate your hosting provider.

past results available

Quickly compare response time and status with earlier in the day, yesterday, or even last week.

Status Codes

Just because your website is responding, doesn't mean it is up. Check for specific status codes to detect problems early.

many Verification Options

Vigil can check that your site is displaying the correct content so you know your customers are seeing the right information.  Vigil can also check the response time matches your expectations.


Need a custom HTTP header?  Vigil has you covered.  Does your site require authentication?  No problem!


We love working on Vigil, and we hope it is a useful website monitoring tool for all our customers. If you have a comment, suggestion, or run into an issue, we want to hear from you. We strive to respond to every email within a day, and often do so much faster than that.

What People Are Saying About Vigil

★★★★★ "We have tried the others and this is the best and most reliable server-website monitor out there!!"

★★★★★ "I Often forget I have vigil installed — until a server goes down. I use other server monitoring services, but vigil is my favorite."

★★★★★ "VPS management can be hard but this makes it such a breeze"

★★★★★ "I have been using Vigil for over a year now and it has been an amazing experience."

★★★★★ "The Vigil monitoring & alerting function is good, but the real value is the extraordinary responsiveness of the support staff"