New Vigil Subscription Plans

Vigil 2 brings with it more than just an updated look. Over the last year we've analyzed how our customers have been using Vigil, and designed a set of new subscription plans to provide a range of support from the small one-site personal blog, to the larger multi-site business accounts. We think one of these plans will be the right fit for you.

The Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is our least-expensive plan, and allows for basic monitoring of a single site. We'll check your site every 10 minutes and store an hour of response-time history. You'll also receive a weekly report summarizing the uptime averages for your site. This is the perfect plan for the freelancer or small business with a single site that might be hosted on a third-party hosting service. The Starter Plan is priced at $19.99/year.

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan allows monitoring 5 sites. We'll check your site every 5 minutes and we'll hold onto the last day of response time history. As with the Starter Plan, you'll receive a weekly report of all your sites' uptime averages. The Basic Plan is priced at $49.99/year.

The Professional Plan

The Professional Plan allows monitoring up to 10 sites. We'll check your sites every two minutes and keep a week of history. You can also check for Custom Status Code return values if you're checking REST endpoints or other non-standard website responses. The Content Match Check you can provide a string value that we check for in the body of the return. This allows you to check for situations where the web server is still responding, but a backend service such as a database, might be down. You'll also receive the weekly report summarizing your sites' uptime. The Professional Plan is priced at $99.99/year,

The Business Plan

The Business Plan allows monitoring up to 20 sites. We'll check your sites every minute and keep an entire month of history.  This plan comes with both Custom Status Codes and Content Match Check. You'll also receive the weekly report summarizing your sites' uptime. The Professional Plan is priced at $249.99/year,

I'm on an original Vigil subscription. What about me?

One question we get a lot: What if I like my original Vigil plan? If you are a current Vigil subscriber don't worry, we've kept the original subscription level around as the Classic Plan. You will always be able to renew your classic plan as long as you're a Vigil subscriber. You are free to change to any of our new plans if you'd like to take advantage of the new Vigil 2 features, but otherwise, you can keep your plan for as long as you'd like.

Changing plans

If you want to upgrade to a new plan, you can purchase an upgraded subscription and we'll apply  the balance of your current subscription to the new plan. You are also free to downgrade at any time, and we'll adjust your expiration date accordingly.

If you have any questions about the new plans, or have even greater monitoring needs and would like to talk to us about an Enterprise Plan, please get in touch with us at