Push Notification Gotchas

Push notifications are the main way we send alerts with the Vigil app to let you know that something is wrong with one of your sites. Unfortunately, sometimes notifications don't work reliably. We've found a few scenarios that can cause issues with push notification delivery.

Do Not Disturb

We're all a huge fan of iOS's Do-Not-Disturb feature. Unfortunately, there is no way to white-list apps that should be able to bypass this setting. If you have DND turned on manually, or through a schedule, Vigil alert notifications will not generate a sound, or light up your device. Currently there is no workaround for this issue.

New iPhone

Each device gets a unique device token assigned to it when Vigil requests permission to send you push notifications. If you get a new iPhone and restore from backup, it might appear that Vigil is installed, but we do not have the new device token we need to send alerts to your new phone. Be sure to launch Vigil at least once after phone upgrades. This will allow us to register for push notification on the new device.

OS Updates

It doesn't always happen, but we have seen device tokens change across OS updates. After you update your iPhone with a new iOS release, it is good practice to launch Vigil so we can check for a new token and register it with our servers.

Force Quitting Apps

It has been a common recommendation that users clear out apps in their multi-tasking window. This is taken as a signal by iOS to no longer allow background processing for an application, and has been known to cause issues with notification delivery. We recommend users not force-quit Vigil. If iOS detects that it needs more resources, it will shut down applications on its own without effecting the notifications. If you do feel like Vigil is using excessive resources on your device while in the background, please let us know.

Checking Your Vigil Notification Status

If you think you haven't been receiving push notifications when you should, check your notification preferences in your phone's Settings app. Open the Settings app, then select Notifications, then scroll down until you find the Vigil entry in your list.

Once you have made sure notification are enabled, relaunch Vigil so we can detect the change, and re-enable push notifications on the server.

Hopefully these suggestions help with any notification issues you might be having. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.