Vigil Web Client Updated

Back when we started working on Vigil it was only available on the iPhone. Over the last year we have been rolling out a Vigil web client so users could access their website status in their browser. We are pleased to announce a major refresh to the look and feel of our web client.

One of our goals with this refresh was to let the browser version of Vigil have its own identity separate from the IOS app. Instead of attempting to copy the flat aesthetic of iOS, we wanted the browser version of Vigil to feel like an app at home on your desktop.

We've worked hard at improving the overall usability of the web client by make more actions visible and explicit. You can now see more information about each host, or collapse all of your entries to see more sites on a single page. We've also improved the account and notification pages to make it easier to manage your subscription and alert options.

Please take the time to check out the new Vigil web client and provide us your feedback.