Web Client Improvements and Internationalization

The new Vigil web client continues to improve. We've gotten great feedback, and have been steadily fixing bugs and adding features.

Dashboard Mode

If you hover over the upper right corner of the page, you will see a new expand button appear. This gets rid of some of the extraneous UI elements so the Vigil web client can act as a dashboard. When you want to go back to normal mode, hover over the same area, and a collapse button will appear.

Copy Monitor

There is a new button on each host monitor that allows you to create a copy of it. This is handy if you have several sites with similar URLs that you would like to enter quickly.

Better Internationalization Support

We've been hard at work adding better support for Unicode characters in URLs. This update will help in both the iOS and web clients.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes & Improvements

There have been a number of other bug fixes and improvements to the web client. We also have an updated version of the iOS client in beta testing that adds an option to turn off background graphs to improve performance with a large number of sites.

Stay Vigilant,
The Vigil Team