Vigil Now Available For Apple Watch


We are happy to announce the release of Vigil 2.0.5 with support for the Apple Watch. The status of all your websites is now just a glance away. Vigil supports the the full spectrum of Apple Watch features, including notifications, glances, and a full app extension with status, metrics, and ping capability.

Glance View

Vigil supports a glance view where you can see a quick overview of the status of all your sites. Everything okay? You'll see right away.

Enhanced Notifications

We've also added enhanced notification views that take advantage of the entire watch screen. You'll immediately know what the status of your site is.

Full Site List

If you want more information you can see your entire site list right from your wrist. Scroll through them all, and get the latest status and performance metrics.

Ping From Your Wrist

When you are viewing a site, you can use ForceTouch to bring up a context menu, and ping the site right from your watch, and get your results immediately. No need to even pull your phone out of your pocket.