Getting More Out of Vigil Part 2


There is a lot more to Vigil than just sending out alerts when a website goes down. We are constantly working to improve the way Vigil integrated with your business, and to find new ways to help you improve your customers' experience. Here are a few features you might want to check out if you haven't already:


Links are the cornerstone of the web. Link to anywhere, from anywhere with just a simple URL. Unfortunately, as easy as it is to create links, it is just as easy for them to break. A website might have hundreds, or even thousands, of links. Making sure every single one is still working can take valuable time. Using an automated broken link checker saves you time and money by letting you know when a link has stopped working without all the drudgery. With your professional or business subscription, you can configure an automated check to run once a month. Read more about the Vigil Broken Link Checker, and go here to try it out.


There are times when push notifications and email aren't quite enough. Especially if you want to get alerts when you otherwise might have Do-Not-Disturb enabled on your phone. Vigil has SMS Alert delivery available in the Professional and Business plans. Tap on the Gear Icon on the bottom of your list of sites to go to settings, and under notifications you will notice an SMS Delivery option. Enter your cell phone here, and we'll send out alerts to your phone!


Does your team use Slack or HipChat? With Vigil, you can have alerts delivered right into your chat rooms so everyone can see what is happening right away. You can read more about setting up your Slack integration in this blog post. We can also setup HipChat integrations if that is the service your team uses.  Get in touch with us to find out more.


One of the first integrations we did at Vigil was for Panic's Status Board. Status Board is a great iOS app for creating useful dashboards. Add your list of websites right to Status Board with up-to-date statistics by visiting the client integration page from your iPad.

In addition to Status Board, Vigil also supports Panic's Prompt SSH Client. When you are viewing a site in Vigil, you can launch straight into Prompt and have an SSH terminal ready in a single tap. Find out more in this blog post.

A Vigil subscription provides a wide range of features to help you keep on top of your website. If there is a feature or integration you would like to see, or need help using a feature, or setting up an existing integration, please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help, or receive feedback.