New Verification Option: Response Time

We are excited to announce a new verification option available to Essentials plan subscribers. This new feature allows you to configure alerts to notify you if your web page is taking too long to load.

You can configure Vigil to verify your website downloads within a specified time by going to the Verify tab on the edit monitor dialog in the web client as well as our iOS Client.

Verify Response Time.png

With this option set, Vigil will download the entire HTML page and verify we received the last byte before the time limit is reached.

This feature can be combined with the new option to check included scripts and images (additional details on this feature coming soon!). With this option selected, Vigil will download all external images, CSS, and Javascript and will verify that the page, including external resources, loads within the allowed time limit.

Give this new feature a try and let us know what you think!

The Vigil Team