Announcing Support for Amazon Alexa

Do you have an Amazon Alexa device?  If you do, you can now link your Vigil account with it!  Once integrated, you can ask Alexa to give you a quick report on your Vigil sites' status.  With Vigil's Alexa skill, you can ask:


  • Alexa, ask Vigil for my website status
  • Alexa, ask Vigil is my site down
  • Alexa, ask Vigil for status



Before you get started, be sure to authorize Alexa to obtain your sites' status.  Once complete, you will get back a detailed report of your sites' status.

We'll be adding additional support for more specific questions and even notifications in the future.  If you have an idea to make the skill better, an additional integration, or any feedback at all please let us know!

The Vigil Team

Slack Integration

Does your team use Slack? Vigil now includes Slack integration, so you can get your alerts right in your Slack channels. Slack integration is available in the Business Vigil plan. We are in the queue to be included as an official Slack integration partner, but if you want to get hooked up sooner, here are the instructions for setting up a custom inbound webhook for Slack.

If you go to your Slack account, in the left-hand menu there is an "Integrations" option. If you select that, you will get a screen that has a long list of existing integrations. Scroll to the bottom and there is a section called "DIY Integrations & Customizations". Choose the "Incoming WebHooks" option, and click the "Add" button.

On the next page, you can select which channel you want messages posted to, and then select "Add Incoming WebHooks Integration".

You will get a page with information on how to configure the webhook, but all we need is the Webhook URL. It will look something like:

You can then go to the Vigil web client at and select "Notifications" in the upper right. Click the + button next to "Configurations" and select the Slack option, and enter your Webhook URL.

You should now have alerts delivered to your Slack channel. Let us know how it works, and we'll post an update as soon as our official integration is completed by the Slack developers.

Heroku Integration Testing

We're working on ways to make Vigil easier to use with popular platforms, and are currently working on Heroku integration. We're looking for any Heroku users that would be interested in helping us test our integration. Get in touch if you are interested!

Panic Prompt Integration

We're huge fans of Panic at Vigil, and one of our favorite apps is Prompt. Now, when you are viewing a site in Vigil, you can launch straight into Prompt and have an SSH terminal ready in a single tap.

In order to link a site entry in Vigil to your Prompt configuration, you'll need to setup a server configuration with a Nickname.


Once you have designated a nickname for a server configuration in Prompt, you can use that same nickname in the Panic Prompt Nickname field in the Integrations section when editing a site entry.


Once you have the integration entry in place, you will see a new enabled console button in the toolbar for a site. Tap on the button, and you will be sent right into Prompt to your server. You're now just one tap away from fixing your server when you get an alert.