Vigil 2

We're excited to announce the release of Vigil 2. More than a simple upgrade, Vigil 2 is a complete re-imagining of our website monitoring app for iOS 8.

Beautiful New Look and Feel

Vigil 1 was designed when rich textures and realistic designs were in fashion. As much as we liked the previous look of Vigil, we knew it no longer fit into the iOS ecosystem. Of course, we couldn't just go all white. Vigil 2 gets rid of the chrome, and brings an entirely new visual style to your monitoring data. However, Vigil 2 is about more than just a pretty new face. The Vigil 2 iOS app is a ground up rewrite of the client that supports a host of new features in tandem with improvements to our backend monitoring servers.

It's All About Your Data

The Vigil 2 redesign gave us a chance to rethink how we presented your monitoring data. The first thing we did was take the graph of historical data, and make it the primary element on the screen. We've also made the graph interactive so you can scroll around, and tap on any part of it to get a breakdown of the response for each check. With the new graphs we've also increased the amount of data we can show.

In addition to the response-time graph, each site shows a list of the most recent alerts that were sent out by out backend monitoring servers, along with information about what the error was, and when the alert was sent.

We've also reworked the main list of sites with larger fonts (with support for iOS's resizable font scaling) as well as graphs for each site so you can view their recent history without leaving the main screen.

Taking Advantage of Everything iOS 8

In addition to supporting iOS's resizable fonts, Vigil 2 takes advantage of features available in the latest version of iOS 8. The biggest new feature is the inclusion of a Today View extension. You can add the Vigil Dashboard to your Notification center, and get a quick update on the status of all your sites from anywhere in iOS by dragging down from the top of the screen. Tapping on an entry in the list takes you right to the site's screen in Vigil.

Vigil 2 also supports 1Password integration, so you can save your Vigil username and password away for later use. We're hard at work on some new additions to Vigil that will make this extra handy in the near future...

A More Powerful Backend

Vigil 2 supports a number of new features that we've been rolling out to our back-end servers. In addition to the new weekly reports that give you a breakdown of what's happened with your servers over the last week, you also have the ability to enable email delivery of notifications. We can also store longer periods of historical data depending on your subscription tier.

Our backend monitoring checks have also gotten more sophisticated, with the addition of new monitoring options. You can now set custom checks for which status codes should be considered valid. In addition, you can have Vigil check for specific strings in the body of the site response, and let you know if there isn't a match. This can be used to detect situations where the web server is still alive, but might be experiencing issues with ancillary services such as database backends.

New Subscription Tiers

One of the biggest changes for Vigil 2 is the addition of subscription tiers. When we first created Vigil we envisioned it being used by small businesses and developers to quickly and easily monitor a small handful of sites. What we found over almost two years in operation is that people wanted to monitor ever more sites, with more sophisticated needs. The new Vigil subscription plans are designed to allow you to choose a monitoring plan that best fits your needs, while enabling us to deliver more advanced monitoring options.

If you are a current Vigil subscriber and are happy with your current plan and don't want to change, don't worry. You will see your existing CLASSIC plan available as an option in the app, and will be able to renew at that level as long as you'd like. You are also free to upgrade to one of the new plans at any time, and we will pro-rate whatever time left you have on your current subscription to the end.

Thank You

We've been overwhelmed with the response Vigil 1 has received since it was first released, and are extremely thankful for all the bug reports, suggestions and words of support while we worked to bring you Vigil 2. It took us longer than expected, but we think it was worth the wait.

Stay Vigilant,
The Vigil Team