Panic Prompt Integration

We're huge fans of Panic at Vigil, and one of our favorite apps is Prompt. Now, when you are viewing a site in Vigil, you can launch straight into Prompt and have an SSH terminal ready in a single tap.

In order to link a site entry in Vigil to your Prompt configuration, you'll need to setup a server configuration with a Nickname.


Once you have designated a nickname for a server configuration in Prompt, you can use that same nickname in the Panic Prompt Nickname field in the Integrations section when editing a site entry.


Once you have the integration entry in place, you will see a new enabled console button in the toolbar for a site. Tap on the button, and you will be sent right into Prompt to your server. You're now just one tap away from fixing your server when you get an alert.


Vigil 2.0.4 Released

Vigil v2.0.4 is now available in the iOS App Store. This is a minor bug-fix release, with a couple new features added.

Hosting Provider & Notes Fields

We've added two new freeform fields to each site entry. The first is for recording the hosting providers the site uses. By using this information, we will be able to detect widespread hosting provider outages, provided targeted notifications when there are known issues with a host, and collect long-term reliability statistic to let our users know who is doing well, and who might need to improve their reliability.

The notes field is a simple freeform field where you can record your own notes on each site.

Panic Prompt Integration

You can now launch an SSH terminal right from Vigil. If you have Panic's Prompt iOS app installed (v 2.0.4) you can enter the nickname you assigned in Prompt into your Vigil site entry. This will enable the console button on the detail screen, which will launch you right into your Panic Prompt server entry.

NOTE: This feature requires Panic Prompt v2.0.4.