New Auto-Renewing Subscription Options

We are happy to announce the availability of auto-renewing subscriptions for Vigil through our new web account management page. Since Vigil was released, the only available subscription option has been yearly in-app purchases through the App Store. For all the advantages in-app purchases provide, they have several limitations when used for a service such as Vigil, and one of the biggest requests we always receive is for a way to subscribe to Vigil outside of the App Store.

You can setup an auto-renewing subscription at any of our plan levels. You can choose either monthly payment options, or we provide annual payment plans at a significant discount. You can see all our pricing options on the pricing page. You will never have to worry about receiving an expiration notice, or your sites going unmonitored, again. You also have the flexibility of changing or canceling your account level at any time, and we will pro-rate your current plan at the new level.

If you are currently on a non-renewing in-app purchased subscription plan you can switch to any of our auto-renewing plans at any time with full credit for your existing purchase. You won't be charged until your current plan expires.