Vigil User Agent

The following is the User Agent string you will see in your server logs:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Vigil/1.0; +

What is this Vigil User Agent I am seeing in my logs?

Vigil is a monitoring service that periodically checks websites to make sure they are online. The Vigil daemon is a program that runs on our servers, and performs the check by requesting a page from a URL provided by a customer. When we detect a site is down, we send our customers notifications that something might be wrong. You can visit our Main Site for more information.

How often does Vigil check a site?

The Vigil monitoring daemon typically checks a website every minute. This value may be configurable by customers.

How can I stop Vigil from hitting my server?

Please contact Vigil support at if you feel your site is being monitored in error.